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NEW TENANT! Gou-Oui Cookies-1737 S Orange Ave Ste 300 Orlando FL

The Vision team is so excited for our new tenant – Gou-Oui Cookies

Michelle started off with trying out a couple recipes on Pinterest and then started modifying those recipes to make them even better. She conveniently had her husband Anthony there as her taste tester(which he obviously didn’t mind). Once they realized that this was her true passion, she drew up a business plan, and gou-oui was born.

Visit our new tenants for a delicious cookie at 1737 S Orange Ave Ste 300 Orlando FL or visit their website to learn more!
Thank you to Nick Barbato of Equity Investment Services for helping negotiate this 10 year lease. We look forward to the value that Gou-Oui Cookie is to the community.

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